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Terms and Conditions

1. Course / Class Participation and Duration
Each agreement regarding the participation in Kira Neumann’s (the organizer’s) Yoga/Pilates/Back training classes is the responsibility of the participant. By signing the Terms and Conditions this agreement is binding. The contract starts with the first day of and ends with the final day of the booked class/course.

2. Fees and Payment
The payment of the fee is due at the beginning of the class or course either in cash or by bank transfer. The fee is also due in case of absence e.g. illness or vacation. Payments cannot be reimbursed.

3. Business hours
The classrooms are open 15 minutes prior to start. During the class/course the entrance door is locked.

4. Liability
The organizer assumes no liability in case of injuries or damage caused to the participants health which are caused by attending the class/course or for self induced accidents.
No liability is assumed for any article of value.

5. Change of classes/courses or opening hours
The organizer reserves the right to change and/or cancel the class/course and its time within reason. This applies especially to sudden closure- and maintenance work or sickness. The participants will be notified accordingly. Cancelled classes/courses can be made up.

6. Personal Data
Any changes in the participants personal data, such as address, email address, phone numbers, have to be advised immediately.
Personal data will be handled confidentially.